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Our Mission

With a passion for health care workers and the everyday professional, we created Embark Accommodations as a place to help traveling nurses and business men and women find housing and a place to stay with ease, comfort and the feeling of home.

Our Story

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, we understand that finding a place to stay is a frustrating process. Working in the health care system for decades and understanding this pain point, we embarked on an adventure to help nurses and business travelers find a place to stay that has everything needed to make it feel like home!

At Embark Accommodations, we understand that every individual has unique requirements, and we cater to those needs with utmost care and attention.


So why wait? Start your search for a rental now and experience the comfort of your own haven away from home.

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Amenities We Offer

Bright kitchen for Traveling Nurses.jpg

 Fully Equipped Kitchen 

Master for Traveling Nurses.jpg

 Quality Sleep 

Bathroom Oasis 2.jpg

 Bathroom Oasis 

Dining Room for Traveling Nurses.jpg


Looking for the ideal temporary housing solution?


Embark Accommodations is here to assist you with your mid-term rental needs. Our portfolio is expanding across the San Francisco Bay Area as our clientele grows.


Wherever your business takes you, we'll be there with exceptional service. Start your search for a rental today.

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